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HOUSTON /  2018

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Must Maintain Full Set Up

Proved Fresh Program Increase Sales Volume

Operation team finds out most operators do not set up the full amount sushi in the cooler all day. They consider this issue seriously because of sales volume and reputation.  In the January 2018, operation team implemented the new program, FRESH PROGRAM. They analyzed sales volume for each store and came up with the minimum set up data for each store. Each store must satisfy their minimum set up amounts for sushi cases on time. The FRESH PROGRAM is still going on. According to the data, sales volume keeps increasing.

A+ Award From KPRC2

Congratulation Kroger #735

The Kroger #735 awarded "A+: Best Clean Service" on 15 March 2018 from Channel 2 (KPRC). It's the first time award from Restaurant report regarding cleaning issue. The President, Jane Lee, also award a prize to the #735 operator after the broadcasting. The #735 operator said "I only do what I need to do. I will make sure for cleaning matter."

* The video is on the Store Gallery.

             One Week

Intensive Training

SW Sushihouse will give one week Intensive Traning to selected store based on the prior-year sales growth rate. The training process will be five steps. 1) analyze the problem areas 2) have a meeting with an operator 3) Training focus on the areas need to improve 4) monitoring 5) evaluate 

In order to compensate discarding sushi cost, SWS will give incentives to our operators. Based on last year's average weekly sales, SWS will give back extra 10% on increased sales amount. We will closely monitor and evaluated store's growth rate.

SW Sushihouse will give incentives to operators 

Ready to win? Roll of the Month Competition

All stores focus to promote one particular roll during selected month. Also, they sample the roll on same day of the week. Operation team will closely monitor sales for the particular item.  

Rewards For Top Selling Stores

Demo Specialist, Christine performs sushi

demonstration to attract customers.