SWS History


  • We initiate full service sushi bar operations in Kroger supermarket.

  • First kiosk opens in Houston, Texas at Kroger.


  • New SWS Headquarters opens in Houston, Texas.

  • New operation is established and the team is re-organized.

  • We are the selected operator for the first Kroger Market Place sushi bar (New Concept Market) out of many competitors. 


  • Company structure is set on solid foundation.

  • Departments: Operation & Marketing Team, Health & Inspection Team, Communication Team.

  • First Winn-Dixie full-service sushi bar opens in Mobile, AL 

  • Sushi Catering Service starts in Houston, Texas.


  • SWS full-service sushi bar expands to AL, LA, TX.

  • First Rice Epicurean super market kiosk sushi bar opens in Houston, Texas.  SWS reaches the 10 million dollar sales mark. 


  • First Brookshire Brothers full-service sushi bar opens in Lufkin, Texas. 

  • We focused on hot food research and development. 


  • SW expands hot food kiosk and adds more to menu. 

  • Sold Ko-Bop business.

  • Namiyori Catering Service starts in Houston, Texas.


  • First hot food kiosk opens in Kroger Market Place. 

  • Ko-Bop food truck starts with hot food.