Our mission is to become the most reliable and fresh sushi provider for U.S. grocery retails. 

We continue to aim for excellent taste and delivering superior quality fresh sushi along with professionalism.


SW Sushihouse is a full-service sushi bar management company operating in USA grocery markets. Our corporate partners are Kroger, Winn-Dixie, Brookshire Brothers and Bi-Lo. Our people are the reason for our success. From well-skilled Chefs to the Operation Team, they are all highly trained professionals that stay on top of every obstacle by working to serve our clients better.


We help our partners to increase their sales volume through our unique full-sushi bars and creative management skills. We placed a high priority on a customer’s satisfaction and engagement. Thus, we hire licensed inspectors to control quality.


Our skills, quality, and competitiveness are recognized by our clients. For example, Kroger is extremely selective with their Sushi providers but SWS was chosen to provide Sushi in their newly built Kroger Market Place. Kroger Market Places were built as large upscale stores to compete with Super Target and

Wal-Mart Super Centers, as well as surpass other competing supermarkets. Winn-Dixie clearly saw the advantages of working with SW Sushihouse and decided to hire us as their sushi provider in their upcoming 15 new stores.


SW Sushihouse recognizes we have an important role to play in responsible sourcing of seafood. We will never knowingly purchase illegally caught seafood. Our goal is that our customers and their children can enjoy fresh, sustainable seafood.


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